Officially revealing the prices of the 2024 Ford Mustang

Officially revealing the prices of the 2024 Ford Mustang

 The American company Ford recently announced the prices of the 2024 Mustang in its various categories, to give us an idea of the cost that we will have to pay for each version of the famous sports car.

The base coupe price with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and automatic transmission starts at $32,515, and the price rises with various models until it reaches nearly $60,000 for the racing-ready Mustang Dark Horse.

The lineup of Ford Mustangs 2024, with its new generation, which our colleague Musab Shashaa previously introduced to you closely, starts with the standard coupe version that relies on the EcoBoost engine, and this engine is also available on the new Mustang Premium, while the convertible comes in Premium model only.

As for the new 2024 Ford Mustang GT, it is based on a V8 engine and is available in the Premium class only. As for the Dark Horse car, which has strong sports specifications, no information has been available about it yet, and all we know is that it will be available in one copy.

It is worth noting that the standard EcoBoost engine comes with a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine that produces 315 horsepower and 476 Nm of torque.

The Mustang GT has a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 480 horsepower and 564 Nm of torque. Finally, we have the Dark Horse version with up to 500 horsepower and approximately 568 Nm of torque.

All versions come with Ford's Co-Pilot360 safety package with a 12.4-inch infotainment screen. The screen size increases to 13.2 inches in the Premium version

Ford Mustang 2024 prices

  • Basic EcoBoost: $32,515
  • EcoBoost Premium: $38,040
  • Convertible EcoBoost: $43,540
  • GT version: $43,090
  • GT Premium version: $47,610
  • Convertible GT (Premium): $53,110
  • Dark Horse Edition: $59,565

It should be noted that the Ford Mustang is the best-selling sports car in the world, and Ford has been producing it for nearly 58 years.
And even though a lot of automakers have electrified, Ford is still sticking to producing its flagship sports car with the option of a uniquely growling V8.

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