The cheapest car in the world, its price is cheaper than the iPhone 14 (Lucid Air)

 The cheapest car in the world, its price is cheaper than the iPhone 14 (Lucid Air):

It's hard to believe the amount of money someone paid to get this wrecked car! As the price of the Lucid Air car reached an amount of money much lower than the price of the iPhone 14.

The details available to us indicate that one of the fully electric Lucid Air 2022 cars suffered very great damage after it was violently injured during a flood, which resulted in it turning into a piece of scrap, but that did not prevent the process of selling it while it was in a deplorable condition, as someone took the Buying the rest of the American cars that depend entirely on electric energy for a very small amount of $ 225

As a matter of knowledge, the price of a new Lucid Air 2023 car in the global market starts from 169 thousand US dollars, without suffering any accident or any injury, but in this news we are talking about the price of a completely destroyed car after it was burned while it was in a place where a flood occurred.

After reviewing the price of the Lucid Air, these are its pictures:

It's hard to believe that the car in the photos could still be put back on the road, and yet the wreckage was up for sale and someone was only willing to pay $225 for it. We do not know why someone would buy a car that was severely damaged after it caught fire due to its presence in a flood, but we suspect that the person who bought it in this sad condition wanted to give it a proper “burial”, as it is impossible for it to be repaired or even converted into a discontinued masterpiece.

This fully electric car was launched by Lucid in September of the year 2020, and with the start of production in late 2021, it was available in 5 levels of performance:

  • Pure version with 480 hp (487 PS).
  • Touring version with 620 hp (629 PS).
  • Grand Touring version with 819 hp (830 PS).
  • Dream Edition with 933 hp (946 PS PS).
  • Sapphire version with 1,200 hp (1,217 PS).