The best electric cars in 2023

 Are you looking for the best electric cars in 2023? In this list, we have collected for you all the appropriate options with different types, between electric sedans and electric SUVs that suit different budgets.

Of course, the list of the best electric cars in 2023 is likely to change over time throughout this year, so we will work to refer back to this article and update it as needed.

The best cheap electric cars in 2023

Chevrolet Bolt EV:

Features of the Chevrolet Bolt EV:

  • Two body designs
  • force you to drive it
  • Spacious rear seat in the EUV version

Disadvantages of Chevrolet Bolt EV:

  • Luggage space is limited The Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are almost the same vehicle, with a few minor differences like the EUV's larger rear seat space, but the two are ultimately two of the best electric cars out there in 2023.
They both have a range of 400-415km before needing to be recharged, so don't take them for a long drive!

Hyundai Kona Electric:

Features of the Hyundai Kona Electric:

  • Excellent price
  • Fun to drive
  • Easy-to-use technologies

Disadvantages of the Hyundai Kona Electric:

  • The back seat is small
  • Limited luggage space One of the few electric cars that is fun to drive, the Hyundai Kona Electric deserves a place among the best electric cars of 2023.
In addition to the fun of driving and the price, which ranged around only 35 thousand dollars, it has a problem with the space of the back seat and the luggage compartment, so if you intend to travel a lot, it may not be the most suitable option for you.

Nissan Leaf

Features of the Nissan Leaf:

  • The driver assistance features are good
  • low price
  • Multiple range options

Disadvantages of the Nissan Leaf:

  • Boring driving experience
  • The driving range is low compared to competitors. The Nissan Leaf was one of the first low-cost electric cars that came with an all-new body. With the launch of the second generation, it is more natural and affordable for those who wish to enter the world of electric cars.
It may not offer the best driving experience in its class, but it has good driver assistance features.

The best mid-range electric cars:

Ford Mustang Mach E:

Features of the Ford Mustang Mach E:

  • Distinctive design
  • convincing performance
  • Easy-to-use technologies
  • High quality cabin

Disadvantages of Ford Mustang Mach E:

  • The back seat is a bit low
  • Cabin Design Isn't Unique One of the most talked about new cars, the Ford Mustang Mach E is also one of the best electric cars of 2023.
It is something completely new with distinctive design, excellent performance and offers a unique driving experience of its own, all while maintaining the quality of the interior.


Features Hyundai Ioniq-5:

  • Good cabin space and versatility
  • The tech and infotainment system are exceptional
  • Fun to drive

Disadvantages of the Hyundai Ioniq-5:

  • Design does not fit all
  • Available in a few countries
  • Not as fast as the Model 3
One look at the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and it's a car from the future. But the exterior isn't everything, inside you'll find a good cabin space, with an easy-to-use infotainment system.
Of course, it is not the fastest option among the cars on this list, but it is undoubtedly one of the best electric cars in 2023.

Kia EV6:

Features of the Kia EV6:

  • Exquisite interior design and well-crafted
  • Excellent technology and infotainment system
  • Fun to drive

Disadvantages of the Kia EV6;

  • Some of the internal controls are confusing
  • Do not offer free shipping
Although it adopts the same platform as the Hyundai IONIQ 5, the Kia EV6 driving experience is completely special, and you would never know that they are mechanically linked.
The Kia EV6 can be considered an entry point to electric sports cars, especially the EV6 GT model, which has 576 horsepower and an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km in just 3.5 seconds.
The interior controls might be a little confusing, but that doesn't make it any less, as it's one of the best electric cars in 2023.


Polestar-2 features:

  • Sports sedan driving experience
  • An easy-to-use infotainment system from Google
  • unique

Polestar-2 Disadvantages:

  • It is for sale in very few places
  • Some interior pieces are cheap
  • Manual suspension settings don't make sense
Polestar is a Volvo brand, and the Polestar 2 is the world's first all-electric car.
Polestar 2 offers great sporty performance with an easy-to-use infotainment system that supports Android Auto technologies from Google, and a unique design that makes it one of the best electric cars in 2023.

Tesla Model-3:

Tesla Model-3 features:

  • Superior performance and range
  • Widely available compared to competitors

Disadvantages of the Tesla Model-3

  • Reliability and build quality
  • Small cabin
For many people around the world who are interested in electric cars, the Tesla Model 3 is the main entry point, especially with its good performance and excellent range.
Perhaps the only problem - as with most Tesla cars - is reliability and build quality, which Tesla has been struggling with for a while.

The best high-priced electric cars in 2023:

Lucid Air:

Lucid Air features:

  • Excellent range
  • Great performance
  • very comfortable
  • Satisfying interior design

Lucid Air Disadvantages:

  • Narrow headroom
Have you ever imagined that an electric car will be able to walk you for a distance of 650 km before it needs to be recharged, not only that, but while offering a very comfortable experience, strong performance, and high-quality interior design.
Well, the Lucid Air has succeeded in doing this and more, and has earned itself a spot among the best electric cars of 2023.

Mercedes-Benz EQS:


  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Surprisingly graceful
  • Best interior among luxury electric cars


  • Less range than Lucid and Tesla
  • Headroom in the back seat
  • The AMG model is not hot enough
Mercedes-Benz is known for putting build quality and customer comfort above all else, and in the electric EQS the company has managed to maintain premium quality and offer an impressive level of agility.
The EQS also has many advanced technologies, such as Mercedes' exceptional suite of driver assistance technologies, and an augmented reality screen on the windshield, to be one of the best electric cars in 2023.

Tesla Model Y:


  • An unparalleled combination of efficiency, performance and range
  • Continuous improvements


  • Build quality
  • A central screen that controls everything
  • price fluctuations
As usual in recent Tesla cars, there are problems with reliability and build quality, however, it is a very fast car and comes with a large travel range, and it contains an electric powertrain and a super battery, which makes it one of the best electric cars in 2023.